Without flexibility and competitiveness, a business can't grow in today's fast-moving world. Along with these two traits, response and care are paramount. Companies must properly manage accessibility, cost, and competitiveness issues as they seek to expand by attracting new customers.

TK Motors has developed its name in the Automotive industry for its remarkable service and high-quality products that remain available to the customers. In addition, the company has worked for years to provide customer care services that are affordable for all. TK Motors was founded in 1989 in the Gambia, and since then, it has been operating and has become an authorized dealer of Mitsubishi and Hyundai in the Gambia. In addition, the company is also seeking dealerships in Jeep and Renault.

The company provides excellent after-sales service and authentic company spare parts. It runs a fully equipped car repair shop and mainly services vehicles the same day when bought from their company. TK has established a brand name and has its acclaimed brand Gulf Lubricants, other lubricants, car batteries, and paints. 

The company is trusted, as evidenced by the government awards and contracts of local agencies. TK Motors has gained this trust by passing a competitive bidding and tender process. As a result, the company is believed to be a market leader in providing vehicles and its delivery to the customer in Gambia’s public and private sectors. 

Musa K Musa, CEO of TK Motors, ensures that genuine spare parts are always available to customers and provided on same-day service. However, he admitted that there are challenges in different departments of the automotive industry. Musa showed concern regarding the counterfeit spare parts and low-standard engine oils that are available in the local market of Gambia. He advised that when one purchases a car from an authorized dealer, it is best to go to the same dealer for all routine checkups and maintenance work. Having the same dealer for services ensures optimum performance, and your car will last longer.

Both government and parastatal agencies use TK Motors to service their vehicles. Musa also shared that they produce all of their vehicles solely for the African market, and each region work to its specifications. He says that vehicles in the US have different specifications compared to African and European countries.

When asked about the availability of cars, Musa said TK Motors always have an inventory of vehicles, whether pickup trucks, Pajeros, and Hyundai. There should be enough stock for any business to run successfully; the company provides reliable and transparent services equally to current and potential clients. New car orders have been a challenge due to Covid-19 and regional instability, as automakers face shortages of car parts, like chips and semiconductors. However, he added that the pandemic had hit new automakers worldwide.

Employee commitment is a bonus, said Moussa. He then explained that they are not subject to official working hours and said they would consider opening a store or showroom when customers ask for work on public holidays with large sales. TK Motors also cares for its staff's health and has an insurance plan for all its employees, local or overseas. TK Motors believe that a clear business plan helps companies achieve their goals. And, for most entities, to get better over the next few years.