It becomes easier to ship cars into the Gambia if one knows all the procedures beforehand. The road network in the Gambia is in pretty bad shape, except for a few highways, which have been recently eased. The Gambia receives its significant share of rainfall from June to October. During this period, most roads become inaccessible for vehicles because of the flooding conditions. Those who want to import a car to the Gambia for personal use should consider importing a four-wheel-drive vehicle. It will help them avoid any trouble in the rainy season.

Vehicles can also be shipped into the Gambia through its only shipping port. The Gambian shipping port is located in Banjul. The cars can be shipped via this port through both methods of car shipping, i.e., Ro-Ro shipping and container shipping. In most cases, the freight forwarders usually advise the customers to utilize either of the methods for their shipments. The freight forwarders also advise their customers to remove their personal belongings from the vehicle before acquiring the shipping documents. It is mandatory because the customs authorities do not allow the car to board the ship if it contains the owner's personal belongings.

Procedures To Ship Cars Into Gambia

Customers have a variety of options for importing their cars to the Gambia. Therefore, it is recommended that they look out for the method that best suits their interests. In addition, they should consider how their vehicle will be delivered in their city and which way will efficiently cover this step. Customers are allowed to ask questions from freight forwarders regarding the cost and delivery effectiveness of different shipping methods. The forwarding agents explain each shipping method in complete detail to their customers, which helps customers identify the best shipping method. Below are some of the standard techniques for importing vehicles into the Gambia.

Air Freight

The most cost-efficient method of importing vehicles to the Gambia is by Air cargo. Airfreight usually comes in handy when one wants to import a luxury vehicle. Although air freight is costlier than other modes of shipping, it is the fastest and safest way of bringing the shipment in.

Container Shipping 

In this shipping mode, a vehicle is placed inside a container, which will be placed on a cargo ship. This mode of transportation is much cheaper than air cargo. Customers can even share a container with another customer in this type of shipping. This helps them save some extra bucks as both customers share the cost of the whole container.

Ro-Ro shipping (Roll-On, Roll-Off)

The majority of the cars are transported through Ro-Ro shipping throughout the world. This shipping model is usually utilized to import vehicles to West Africa from the USA. It is the most time and cost-efficient method of shipping cars.