With Marine Transportation and logistics, the top international auto freight company in the US, you may send your automobile to Banjul. Call 201-858-8600 right away for a price, or complete this registration form.

Ships and airplanes transport commodities to Banjul worldwide, including automobiles, heavy machinery, and other items. This means that MTL may transport elevated commodities, including motorcycles, ATVs, cars, lorries, vans, coaches, trucks, yachts, caravans, buses, and RVs, as well as specific commercial items like cartons, barrels, and freight crates.

In addition, manage import/export approval, car documents, road freight, and aggregation service that enables you to combine vessels with other clients. Automobiles from the West and East coasts are transported internationally utilizing their facilities. Collaboration is done with local agencies to accept, clear, and discharge your vehicles in the Gambia.

To transport automobiles to the docking station with dependability, enlist the help of tested carriers. This has been the most dependable and secure method for shipping new and used cars, including vintage, exotic, and race cars. You can choose between private and communal containers in a range of sizes from us (20, 40, and 45 ft).

Choose shared container shipping for the biggest discounts. The best price is this. As a result, shipping costs are shared among the vehicles loaded into a container, and in some ports, this is the only cost-effective way. Your things can be sent in the car for no additional cost. Use individualized containers if you don't want to distribute the container with several other clients.

You get Roll-on Roll-off (RoRo) and Lift-on Lift-off (LoLo) methods, which entail the delivery of a vehicle to the port and placement of the automobile within the ship or on the platform if the freight is big.

RoRo delivery has established its effectiveness and affordability. One further benefit of container shipping is that it offers real departure and entry dates. The air-freight technique can benefit you if you must transport your car as soon as possible. When compared to extended delivery durations and schedule delays in harbors of departure.

But the price of this speed is higher. The trip can take up to 10 days, depending on the paperwork and customs regulations. With International Ocean and interior carriers and founder and cooperation organizations, solid connections are developed, and direct contracts over time.

Marine Transport Logistics offers the most affordable car delivery services from any location in the world.