"How can I clean my windscreen’s interior and exterior surface so it's nice and gleaming?" If you ask any father or grandfather that question, they'll most likely tell you to use vinegar and newspaper.

We're not arguing that vintage remedies in the Gambia are bad, but they take far more effort and time than modern approaches. They don't promise a blemish clean, either. Modern newspapers also employ water-based inks, which leave a coating of black smear on your hands.

We fix automobile windscreen problems regularly as skilled and experienced technicians and have done so for over 25 years, so we know a great deal about keeping them immaculate. Here's why it's critical to keep your windscreen as clean as possible and scratch-free and how to do it quickly.

Reasons to keep your windscreen clean:

In that rush-hour trip home, low-lying sunlight mixed with goopy windshields makes it impossible to see the road. When you combine tree sap, greasy road-related stains, bug-gut smudges, and dust particles, you have the perfect recipe for a road accident. Traveling with an untidy windshield is, to put it bluntly, unsafe.

Some windshield cracks are so minute that they go unnoticed for a long time. Cleaning and inspecting your windshield regularly can reduce the need for costly glass repair services in the long term. In addition, the sooner you repair car windshield scratches, the less likely they will increase in size and create more costly damage to your glass (such as cracks).