As we already know, air conditioning inevitably consumes more fuel. If you wonder how much fuel wastes air conditioning, It is estimated that consumption can rise between 5% and 20%. This is when referring to a conventional air conditioning system, in which consumption is based on the time that the compressor system is running. It is a different story when the car incorporates an air handler. 

The air climatizers also have a compressor, but they have a special electronics, which deactivates this component when it detects that it is not necessary to continue cooling the air. The percentage of fuel consumption is slightly reduced, but there is still a percentage of fuel consumption. 

So, how to save fuel with air conditioning?

Many people, in order to consume less fuel, prefer to open the windows rather than use the air conditioning. This, as strange as it may seem, could even increase fuel consumption even more. All vehicles have aerodynamic drag. When we drive with the windows opened, the air enters the car and slows it down, which worsens the aerodynamics of the vehicle and results in higher fuel consumption. Depending on the speed at which you drive, it is recommended to use the air conditioning after 80 km/h rather than driving with the windows down.

Cool the car

When it is very hot, the first thing we do when we get in our car is to turn on the air conditioning at maximum power. This is a serious mistake, if we are talking about fuel consumption, because it will take more energy to lower the temperature. The best thing to do is to cool the car before turning on the air conditioning; that is, open the windows or doors.

Be careful when starting the car 

Every time you turn off the car, ideally you should also turn off the air conditioning system. If you forget to turn off the system, you must make sure to turn it off before starting the vehicle, because if you start the car with the air conditioning on, you will spend much more energy, therefore, more fuel.

Have you checked the air filter? 

The cabin filter is usually located by the glove box. It is important that the filter is clean, since, if it is in bad condition, there will also be a greater effort of the vehicle to achieve the ideal temperature.